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The Definitive Guide to Logic Pro X Stock Compressors — James Z. Productions.Logic Pro X Compressor Circuit Type Cheat Sheet | PDF | Acoustics | Sound Production Technology

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to compressog up. Download Free PDF. Richard Hallum. A short summary of this paper. Frew Download PDF. Translate PDF. In version The new interface allows positive identification of the models being emulated. The range of control on the original units is shown in this table. All Compressors employ some form of VCA.

Tree dbx attack and release times track the signal level. There are several control читать on the Logic Pro X Compressor that exceed those of the original units. With the exception of the dbxall the original units have a comlressor compression ratio of or less. This was required logic pro x compressor manual free prevent instability and severe distortion. The dbx used the feed-forward method which allowed the ratio to be near infinity.

A minimum threshold value of dB allows for compressing to a much lower level than the original units. Among audio engineers, much has been made of the sound of vintage compressors, and logic pro x compressor manual free being attributed to the electronic devices used eg FET, Logic pro x compressor manual free, opto-couplers, valves. These do play a part in the action and therefore the sound qualities of various models. Less often discussed вот ссылка the aspect of how the sidechain signal is derived.

Vintage compressors eg the Universal Audio and the Teletronix LA-2A predate the feed-forward sidechain topology introduced in the dbx Prior to this, the sidechain was configured as a feedback circuit.

This dismissal of release time as a distortion contributor is odd and may have been due to the very small sample size of his auditioning panel 3 people. Moore et al contradict this by stating that subtle, yet audible distortion are generated when high amounts of compreessor reduction are used.

It is not uncommon for audio engineers to push higher than intended levels into compressors. The LA-2A had 0. Given that audible distortion on a sinewave is perceptible at 0. The Logic Pro X oscillator plugin was used to provide a 40 Hz sinewave.

THD in the compressor gets progressively worse as the signal frequency is reduced. This particular frequency was chosen as it represents a reasonable lower limit for most recorded material ie bass guitar and bass drum. The oscillator level was set to dBr to prevent any possibility of distortion at the input to the compressor.

This provided a steady state signal which could be used to reliably gather harmonic distortion results for a variety of control settings on the various compressors.

Spectrum analysis was done using the SPAN plugin to identify 2nd and 3rd harmonic levels, and the Oscarizor oscilloscope plugin was used to examine changes to the waveform in the time domain. Further tests were conducted using FuzzMeasure.

The original idea was to route the stimulus signal in the computer, using Soundflower. However, this audio routing utility has less support than it did when I investigated inter-application OS-X audio Hallum,and would not provide reliable audio channels, so an external audio interface was used. Only 2nd and 3rd compreszor readings were taken as these predominate in THD measurements. Using the FFT technique allows examination of the relative level of distortion at all audio frequencies.

All testing was performed on a MacBook Pro, 2. The operating system was version A Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 rfee Gen interface was used, with the low latency extension installed. These versions of software were used: Logic Pro version Tests were performed as follows: 1.! Light compression tests, with a threshold of dB and a ratio of a.!

Auto gain was enabled to ensure that the output bus was not overloaded. The torture tests provided a wide logic pro x compressor manual free of logic pro x compressor manual free characteristics. Wideband measurements taken from the derived impulse response in FuzzMeasure generally show a higher level of 2nd harmonic.

As noted in the operation por, the 3rd harmonic for the dbx reduces linearly with increased frequency, at a rate of 6dB per octave.

The Threshold is dB and the Ratio is Harmonic Distortion increases with нажмите чтобы перейти amount of gain reduction, therefore it increases with lower threshold and logic pro x compressor manual free ratio settings. It also increases with reduced attack or release times. With moderate settings; such as dB for threshold, ratio, attack at 50mS, and a release time of mS, the distortion of all but the Studio FET, and Classic VCA are low enough to not likely to cause a discernable difference.

The Platinum Digital demonstrates how a digital compressor design can approach the ideal in terms of low distortion design. The very low distortion figures regardless of settings would indicate it is modelled on a VCA with feed-forward design and look-ahead frfe.

The Vintage FET modelling the Silver Face results were varied, which correlates with its popular usage for a wide variety of audio sources.

The Classic VCA dbx is fairly transparent under most signal conditions. There are no attack or release controls, so comparisons of these parameters was not possible. The Studio VCA Focusrite Red manhal presented considerable distortion under heavy compression conditions, and had small but noticeable distortion for all logic pro x compressor manual free settings.

The Vintage opto LA-2Aand the Vintage VCA G Series bus compressor showed copious distortion under maximum compression, and moderate distortion under mild compression unless both attack and release were increased. Hence the use of the SSL compressor on the mix bus where light compression is used.

The LA-2A can be used with heavier compression, and consequently considerable colouration which is its hallmark but is also capable of reasonably clean compressing when used with lighter settings.

No direct logic pro x compressor manual free between sonic quality in logic pro x compressor manual free Logic Compressor and the actual hardware units has been made. These test results show the harmonic distortion differences among the six compressors emulated in the Logic Compressor. In a further paper the author plans to test other signal processing plugins eg for phase distortion. Not covered in this investigation logic pro x compressor manual free the effect that Attack and Release times have on signal transients.

Such effects are easy to hear but more difficult to accurately measure. Another step would be to compare these results to tests on the actual hardware versions of the six models of compressor. Hallum R. Journal on the Art of Record Production. THAT Corporation. Time domain and Frequency Domain Test Signals i.! Reference Signals reference sinewave output reference sinewave ii.! Tests microsoft word 2013 windows 10 free a Threshold setting of dB, and a Ratio setting of Attack time set to zero, Release time set to mS.

All types showed a good sinewave so only frequency domain plots are shown. FFT results 3nd harmonic: Loopback i.! Download PDF.



Logic Pro X Compressor Circuit Type Cheat Sheet – Logic Pro – Logic Pro Help – 7 Logic Compressors Compared


By lagerfeldtMarch 2, in Manaul Pro. I spent some time measuring and experimenting with the different circuit types in the Logic Pro X Compressor. I did this by measuring harmonics using a spectrograph and a spectrogram as well as analyzing the waveform envelope.

A lot of experimenting, null testing and comparing. It’s a fairly technical “cheat sheet”, majual of an overview of what goes on in the algorithms behind the fee, really. As far as I know there are no resources anywhere on the Internet or in the manual that contain these specific details about the LPX Compressor. This PDF won’t replace your ears, but if you wonder what’s logic pro x compressor manual free on in the different circuit types in the Compressor then you might find a clue in this PDF.

Please don’t upload this PDF anywhere /26618.txt, but feel free to logic pro x compressor manual free directly to it on my server or to this thread.

This way I can always keep things updated, if necessary. I’m very interested in comments, especially critical comments, i. My new Logic Po Book is logiic Some people requested graphs. I’m working on the graphs, compresssor that could take some time. For now, here are some screen grabs that could help you understand the info in the PDF better.

These test have been done by using a baseline and by measuring null test residue. The compressors have been set up to match each other as closely as possible, both by sound and especially by measurement, not by nominal values, which can be misleading due to logic pro x compressor manual free.

My initial interest in doing this was become someone claimed there were no discernible differences between the algorithms. While I did test the RMS mode in the Lofic Digital it’s quite different and has a large offset which means logc needs to be examined separately. The first one below is mahual good example of d I’ve included both the spectrogram 1 kHz and spectrograph 50 Hz.

The spectrogram shows a short initial burst of distortion which is not surprising on the transient of the test bleep when the pc free camstudio is doing a fair amount of quick compression.

However, there’s sustained and again, expected 3rd harmonic saturation, but it’s obscured by the waveform in the spectrogram. This is compressot visible on the spectrograph instead. Of course I could have done separate waveforms for all the spectrograms, but I was lazy Overall, the Platinum Digital is very clean and obviously a good choice if you want things un-colored.

For the same reason it can work well привожу ссылку peak mode for external side-chain applications where you don’t want to hear the sound of expert editor portable free compressor itself. However, a the lack of an adjustable look-ahead parameter in the Logic Compressor can be problematic when doing instant external side-chain ducking. In that case you’ll need something like the FabFilter Pro-C2. The Platinum Digital appears to have a non-linear release time that lets go more quickly of the signal at lower levels of gain reduction.

Something similar can be seen with the Waves Renaissance Compressor in Electro mode. Жмите сюда means it’s good at pulling up low level information under certain circumstances, mainly comlressor peak mode since the RMS mode is offset quite a lot. By default it’s in RMS mode. RMS uses an averaged window in the detection circuit which means it’s potentially a good choice for smoothing out overall levels rather than shape or control peak energy.

The only other circuit type that has this function is the Vintage Opto, which has a sort of RMS approach to detection. First of all, this is an example of why it’s prudent to examine an algorithm compeessor not make too many assumptions.

Some places on the Internet label this as a very clean algorithm, but that’s not quite true. The Studio VCA has potential to do a lot of useful saturation when compressoor push it, but adds no additional noise artifacts.

The saturation is proportional to the amount mxnual speed of the gain change performed by the compressor. It’s got peak detection, and for those three reasons it does hard parallel compression Logic pro x compressor manual free York style smashing well. I generally don’t use auto gain, but when the Studio VCA is set up for internal parallel compression with the fastest attack time it makes sense from a workflow point of view, since you’re unlikely to get output overloads.

Activating the output limiter and output clipper labelled Distortion will contain incidental overloads, just in case. A lot of the sound in the LN Blackface hardware comes from the Cinemag transformers and the way the FET circuit imparts a sonic signature, which includes a mix of odd and even order harmonics.

As you can see, there are only odd harmonics in all of the Logic Compressor circuit types. But it’s the same with the UAD emulation: while it’s a lot closer to the response of the realit’s not when it comes to harmonics. This is one of the benefits of using analog hardware: you get a mix of even and odd harmonics. I cover this in my video here:.

I’ve had a couple of hardware LNs and I’ve built one myself, based on the Gyraf schematics. Manjal also have the UAD plug-ins. The LN is often and with good reason used for peak control of vocals, smashing a snare drum, controlling an electric guitar, beefing up bass, etc. The Classic VCA circuit isn’t particularly tweakable since it’s got full auto attack and release and a non-adjustable knee.

I’ve never owned the hardware, but I’ve used it while mixing an album years ago, I think. We used it on kick and snare to add some snap. As always: YMMV. The semi-auto option available for all comoressor in the Logic Compressor взято отсюда the Classic VCA can get you only a bit closer. Typically this one is used /26362.txt a bit of mix bus logic pro x compressor manual free or similar.

It’s prone to compreswor with fast attack and release settings, so be careful. When used on a full mix consider activating the internal side-chain filter in the Compressor with a Logic pro x compressor manual free filter 60 Hz or so to reduce pumping caused by the kick and bass. This is especially cokpressor when using the Vintage VCA on a full mix since it’s got logic pro x compressor manual free frequency dependent compression that triggers more on bass content.

A more advanced trick on a full mix is to make the Vintage VCA not clamp down too hard on a wide chorus e. This means the detection signal is no longer based on the highest level of either stereo side, but based on a summed input signal. Lofic such a summed input signal means that any mamual signal will be removed comlressor reduced since the sum is a mono signal it results in less compressoor than it would have done otherwise.

This is an extreme example logic pro x compressor manual free course. This one is more grabby and it’s a lot more noisy, which can читать well on some types of sounds, like a snare drum that needs smash and grit.

And no, you can’t do the all-buttons-in trick on this FET either. Although it’s got a small amount of noise, it’s actually quite clean during sustained compression. The spectrograph is a bit misleading here, the spectrogram above it paints a better picture. Often used on vocals, bass, and with slow gentle settings on piano. It’s especially well suited for levelling a vocal.

Many times it’s used in series comprsesor an LN to obtain serial logix, e. Not a bad algorithm at all. This is the “Hidden frequency dependency” parameter, aka. It’s not a simple parameter to measure since it also depends on the attack and release time and of course the total amount of gain reduction. If you want to see it in action, open a Test Oscillator with a sine tone. Then insert the Vintage Opto, set a high ratio, use a slow attack and fairly quick release, then adjust threshold for dB of gain reduction.

Logic pro x compressor manual free sweep compressr oscillator from logic pro x compressor manual free Hz to 20 kHz and you will see a big difference i. Copmressor adjusting the attack and release parameter.

That’s really interesting, have you considered putting a ‘Most suitable for. If you had that on there it’d be worth printing and putting up on a wall for reference as it helps techies and newbies ‘less-techies’ too?

I have considered that, yes. Pro 12 32 full version freefree I could condense the “What’s it good for” logic pro x compressor manual free I have written above.

However, Logic pro x compressor manual free hesitate to do so because Let me know what you think, guys. Now a two page PDF with graphics and practical usage tips. Ready to print and put on the wall or keep near your computer. In the upper right corner of the Compressor plug-in there’s ;ro button named “Side Chain”. Click this and you’ll see some new options under “Detection”.

All the other circuits have fixed peak detection, except the Vintage Opto which has fixed RMS-style detection. It’s also compresosr these “Side Chain” options you’ll find the ability to switch between Max and Sum detection, as well as compressog the built-in side-chain filter. Max detection means that the loudest level of either stereo side will trigger compression. Sum means that the two sides of the stereo image is folded down to mono lohic this summed signal is used for detection.

This is especially useful when a comprssor is strapped across the full mix and you don’t want it to over-compress during a loud, wide chorus. The side-chain filter can be used to manipulate logic pro x compressor manual free compressor into reacting less or more to certain frequency content. Filtering out frequencies will make the compressor less sensitive to those frequencies HP or LP or cutting читать полностью a parametric or logic pro x compressor manual free while boosting with a parametric or shelf will make logic pro x compressor manual free compressor react more to those frequencies.

It’s important to understand that the compressor is still источник the full frequency broadband signal – there’s no multiband compression going on.

You’re only manipulating the detection circuit. It’s a common misunderstanding about the side-chain. The side-chain is simply the signal chain that’s feeding the control circuit in the compressor or at least in a feed-forward compressor design. An external side-chain is when you substitute the regular input signal and feed the compressor an external signal instead. This is called external side-chain compression or ducking. It’s lgic lazy use of manhal words frer people refer to external side-chain compression as side-chain compression.


Logic pro x compressor manual free. Logic Pro X Compressor Circuit Type Cheat Sheet

Official Apple Support. Sep 02,  · Setting the Threshold and Ratio on Logic Pro X’s Compressor is easy thanks to the reactive and visually-striking Gain Reduction Meter. Begin by setting the strength of compression you want – varying from a soft and subtle , through to harder-edged compression at and almost limiting at Starting from a high threshold setting. Feb 17,  · Learn how to use a compressor to make your sounds better, smoother and louder!A rough explanation of how compressors work, and how to use them in Logic Pro X.