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Play games with your PBS KIDS favorites like Curious George, Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger and Peg + Cat! Online games for toddlers, preschool kids and babies. Play the best games for children of all ages! Free games made for 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 years old.


Games for kids 4 years old for pc


PC gaming offers a way to play a huge range of games without a console or dedicated device. Bespoke Gaming PC’s are built using high-end components and graphics cards that offer better visuals than even the newest consoles. Building a PC is a good project to plan, design, save up for and then putting the computer together.

It is however, more costly that consoles that often play the same games. Also, without a degree of expertise, if something goes wrong or doesn’t work it can be time consuming and complex to fix.

There are lots of communities online to help ease this, such as PC Part Picker. Accessibility: 3 features. This game takes you to a pixelated island. As you explore you discover that your presence changes the seasons and time of day. Delving deeper, there are rudimentary interactions with the creatures that inhabit the land, and rain clouds that blow in from Accessibility: 13 features. Descend beautiful mountains, dunes and canyons on a snowboarding journey full of serenity and secrets.

All you have to worry about is tapping to jump to avoid chasms, rockfall and other hazards. Developer: David Oreilly DavidOreilly. This is an unusual game that simulates a world where you can become any object. It sounds strange and not much fun, but the enjoyment is in discovering how small or how big a thing you can become.

From tiny atoms to whole planets and everything in between. Accessibility: 17 features. Developer: Ubisoft Ubisoft.

Players: You can play with 1 to 6 players in the same room or as a player online game. Just Dance is released with new songs and features each year. It gets parents, carers, children and even grandparents off the couch and dancing along with the on-screen moves It expands this platforming action towards a full 3D world, while keeping accessibility focused on younger players.

Accessibility: 8 features. Along with the racing you need to collect the Mystery Eggs scattered across each track. Each one then gives you a power up to help you win. Developer: Torahhorse Torahhorse. Donut County offers a simple style of play. You drag a hole around the screen; the more things you can make fall in, the bigger the hole gets.

Accessibility: 24 features. Developer: Petoons Petoons. My Friend Peppa Pig is a narrative role-play game. It recreates the TV show Peppa Pig and features a few of the voice actors from the programme.

Unlike the show, you are in the cartoon, controlling a character you create. You play with Peppa and her Accessibility: 25 features. This is another silly and funny game but with a dastardly vibe.

You play a mean goose who is intent on ruining the day of the inhabitants of a sleepy English village. By stealing items, squawking and otherwise making a nuisance of yourself you slowly Accessibility: 18 features. Soccer Physics is a super simple football game you play by pressing one button. The matches are 2-on-2 and you time Accessibility: 11 features.

Developer: Hyaku Hyaku Battloon is a colourful battle game, where each of the four players controls a balloon-like creature. You try and bounce the other players into spikes on the arena walls by puffing out air to propel yourself in a direction. Accessibility: 9 features. Chuchel is a comedy adventure game.

You play hairy hero Chuchel and his rival Kekel to solve simple puzzles and challenges in their quest to retrieve the precious cherry. It looks like a children’s storybook animation with strange, peculiar creatures. Developer: Vectorpark Vectorpark. Explore the alphabet by pushing and pulling the letters around to create different things beginning with that letter.

It excels at making each letter and object feel tactile Accessibility: 28 features. Its simple controls and straightforward levels, which have lots of collectables to find, provide a simple yet enjoyable interactive Developer: Circus Atos CircusAtos.

Under Leaves is a puzzle game where you search for colour-filled hidden objects in scenes made of flora and fauna. Each one is a hand-drawn watercolour illustrations and accompanied with a soothing soundscape. It’s a game about observation and attention Accessibility: 30 features. Players: You can play with 1 to 5 players in the same room or as a 5-player online game. Am I The Baddie? Up to five people compete on separate devices or computers.

One person is the baddie who tries to collect the clues without Accessibility: 19 features. Clawfish is a puzzle game with a strong focus on relaxation rather than skill or difficulty. Similar to an arcade claw machine, you try and catch fish from various fish tanks, collecting all the different types, before putting the fish back into the Accessibility: 36 features. Painted Waters is a simple adventure for young children.

You explore a secret miniature world on a Walker Doodle the game’s version of caterpillar using a single button to get around and play the puzzles and challenges you find. It’s unique not only Accessibility: 22 features. Rabbids Coding is an educational game where you use simple blocks of code to move a Rabbid and make it perform actions.

It’s designed as a simple way for younger children to begin to interact with code and understand how games work. Little Mouse’s Encyclopaedia is an adventure game where you play as a mouse exploring nature. On your way you encounter plants and animals along with encyclopaedia-style information about them. It’s an interactive picture book where every interaction is Ever Seen a Cat is a hidden object puzzle game where you are trying to spot monochrome cats in different scenes.

It’s simple enough for players of any age to enjoy it, but has some randomisation of the levels so you need to play multiple times to get Developer: Prettydigi Prettydigi. Kissy Kissy! You play Tiger and Bee, onesie-wearing grandchildren who don’t want to be kissed. Accessibility: 15 features. Developer: Teach Monsters TeachMonsters. You play as a customisable monster character in a theme park. Each ride has a numbers game that starts with basic number Accessibility: 20 features.

Developer: Lance Studio LanceStudio. Onde is an ethereal movement and exploration game where you dive into a fluid world full of sounds. As you move through the abstract landscapes they respond with notes and music. It’s an unusual experience because the interactions invite you not only to Developer: Bart Bonte BartBonte.

Where is Cat? Each place you look for items in is hand-drawn by children, and the items are often difficult to find without a close What About Game Addiction? What About Gambling? What About Stranger Danger? Search Database. All — All vs.


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Click on Games for kids years oldapplication icon. A window of Games for kids years old on the Play Store or the app store will open and. Play fun educational games for kids 2,3,4 years old and listen to lullabies! Enjoy a unique app which includes educational mini games, that leads to smarter. 11 Great Games to Educate and Entertain Your Kids at Home ; Animal Jam. Ages (Computer, iOS, Android) ; Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Ages 5.