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We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. All Rights Reserved. Our team performs checks each time a new file is uploaded and periodically reviews files to confirm or update their status. Delta Force: Task Dagger Is a first-person shooter with an emphasis on the tactical component. Below are some steps, Go through it to Install and play the game. Try this instead. Delta Force: Task Force Dagger.

– Delta force task force dagger free for pc

Version: v deltx. And Task Force Dagger is forcw less than an atrocious and near criminal expansion pack for DF: Land Warrior, designed to cash-in on the recent war in Afghanistan. You might also like. Full PC Game Download. Each fight with outnumbered opponents is carried out delta force task force dagger free for pc the use of all kinds of tactics, because a simple frontal attack can very rarely bring success. Although fans were waiting for a several months, this game was finally launched вот ссылка Jun 27, date.


Delta Force: Task Force Dagger – Download.


– Ветра нет – от чего же эта рябь. Вы видите, стена чисел задрожала, а вскоре опустеют и планеты. — Так что же вы решили. – Ты покидаешь Землю.


– Delta force task force dagger free for pc


They are authorized to wear those Green Berets as part of their elite status. However, they don’t like to be called Green Berets. We’re NOT headgear!

Especially now that everybody, including National Guard, wears some sort of berets. As the name suggests, they specialize in recon. However, Force Recon specializes in deep recon, and thus many of the penetration techniques coincide with the spec-op training received by other operators. Thus, their roles eventually expanded to personnel rescues, evacuations, and so on. Recon units are designated tasks to support main units, while force recon units are designated tasks such as deep recon or raids.

SEALs can reach their target via all three means. They can drop in via parachute esp. The number of actual teams is a secret, but you can be sure it’s NOT six. However, superiors who do not understand unconventional and guerilla warfare hampered them all throughout the war. They are allowed to ignore military grooming standards i. They probably have more anti-terror training than anyone else. In real life, at least one medic usually called “Doc” deploys with a SEAL Team, though all members are trained in first aid.

The Air Force Parajumpers, or PJs, have one purpose: to bring out personnel, often downed pilots, alive. They are trained medics and special operations qualified, specializing in search and rescue.

They use shock and awe, distraction, and superior firepower to gain the time they need to rescue their objectives. Delta Force. They put up a very good fight though. And there are a lot of them. Remember, “leave no man behind”.

Recite the Ranger creed Spec ops guys usually have theirs darkened, and could be any shape. If you are wondering It is actually smaller than the one Rambo carried.

That one would be too big and unwieldy for throwing for any one other than Rambo. There are quite a few models, but they don’t really make a BIG difference in their operation, except whether they are silenced or not. All pistols are semi- automatic only. The Mk23 SD is recommended, mainly for the silencer.

For sniper rifles you carry about rounds of ammo. For assault rifles, you carry about rounds of ammo. For machine guns, you carry about rounds of ammo. Uses 30 rounds magazine of 5. Bolt action rifle, 10 round magazine. However, it is big and expensive, complete with built-in laser range finger, ballistic computer, and so on. NOTE: no auto mode just semi and burst , 2 mags of 6 grenades each for the grenade launcher. This design is a bit long in the tooth though. As the range for the 40 mm M grenade is too short.

Steyr AUG assault rifle Steyr AUG is a very futuristic looking assault rifle with bullpup design magazine behind the handle and a unique box magazine that fits more than other magazines. It’s fitted with a Mako silencer. It was NOT meant to hit human targets.

It was designed as anti-material weapon, like punching holes in radiators of cars, or jet engines, radar dishes, etc. The M has an optional feed system that allows it to use the standard M type round magazine.

However, the first few versions of the SA has some serious problems, and even the latest revision, L85A2, did not completely solve the problems. Don’t worry about this rifle in your game, as in the game, this rifle will not malfunction. It is a quintessential Russian weapon: it is reliable, it is simple to operate and maintain, and it can be easily mass-produced. Who cares about ergonomics or accuracy?

Incorporating all the design lessons from WW2 based on captured German weapons and home-grown designs, AK spawned a variety of designs, including automatic shotguns! Arguably, the best AK’s are made in Finland by Valmet, but that’s another story. This version seems to have a shorter barrel, making it more suitable for CQB. Same mechanism as the MP5SD6 3. Steyr AUG , scope is 1x only. Basically it’s a modern version of satchel charge.

Toss this where you want things to blow up, run away, and hit the radio detonator trigger, and watch things go BOOM! When triggered, the explosives launch the projectiles in a degrees arc, turning everything in the arc and in range into bloody pulp. Remember to set the proper SIDE toward enemy. Has a 5 to 7 second delay before it goes boom. When detonated, the metal casing of the grenade becomes shrapnel with an effective range of up to 15 meters.

Immediate detonation on impact. Point it at a target, and call in an air strike. Be precise though. Hitting the wrong target is embarassing. Extra ammo only applies to the guns, not to explosives. If you are conserving ammo, then there’s really no need for extra ammo, whereas the kevlar vest may save you from occasional mistakes. They have limited engagement arc and limited ammo, but are quite powerful and should be enjoyed when possible. To stop using it, just back-away from the weapon.

To use the armory, walk up to it. Then hit “C” to bring up commander’s screen and you can choose the weapons. It’s only for viewing though, and it can’ see through the ground. Still, it’s helpful in knowing that to expect in the area. For the UAV controls, please see the manual. It tells you which goals have been completed green and which goals are still pending white. Get into the habit of saving when each goal is completed, or even when partial goals are completed.

You can see where enemies are even underground! You can use that information to avoid or flank enemies as you see fit. You can even estimate the range, since the grid is meters per square. Which is why on some missions, when it doesn’t work, you miss it sorely.

I hit enemies from ambush. I flank them and hit them in the rear. I don’t give them time to react. Rogue Warrior, i. Sneak around enemies and shoot them in the back.

Shoot them from long distance. So on and so forth. Alternatively, distract them see next hint 4. Then you can flank the enemies and take them from behind with silenced weapons. Distract tangos with exploding barrels and such THEN shoot them from another angle. Thus, there is no need to get any closer unless terrain prevents you from getting closer.

A single shot in almost any part of the body will kill the enemy. On the other hand, there are times where you need to go full auto.

So feel free to shoot at someone’s foot or leg or outstretched hand, when you can’t get a shot at the torso or head. In open areas, set range to meters or wider so you can get better sense of enemies near you, as you don’t want someone to kill you from across the map. In tighter spaces, such as camp or tunnels, set range to or even 50 meters for close combat situations.

Use the icon and scope range to judge distance. For example, if the scope’s set to range of meters, and the threat is half way between center and edge, you know he’s about meters out.

Use that to judge where to point the weapon. NEVER assume that he did not see you since you ducked back really fast. On HARD enemy reaction time is extremely fast! Enemies equipped with good weapons are deadly accurate, and can make shots that would astonish even you.

If you’ve already alerted them to your presence, then they will be ready to shoot you. For example I was on the SCUD hunting mission. I had cleaned out the base, then was about to enter the back door of the hangar. I slowly crawled and tried to peek through the door This is like 10 yds from the door. I saw a tango with long gun, but then I moved past already so I can’t see him any more. I got my PSG-1 ready to take a shot, moved back, and was dead before I even acquired him.

It’s recommended that you save when each of the goals is complete. Just walk to all the waypoints and use all the weapons. NOTE: There is no armory in this mission, but if you conserve ammo semi-auto shots only you should have no problems.

Hit the ground and go prone. Switch to semi-automatic shots. You’re very close to the communications compound with the satellite dish. Turn to the tower and eliminate the shooter inside, then 2 guards next to the trailer. If you only see one, the other one is hiding, so you need to move to see him.

Hike your way up the hill instead of going through the valley. There are spots that are climbable. Go prone as you crest and start shooting at any one you can see, esp. Remember to compensate for the wind and distance. Scan each square meter of the compound carefully. Use the commander’s map to help you. When you’ve cleared as much as you can, head down the slope into the camp. Stop below one of the towers and again, scan left and right for enemies inside buildings.

Use commander’s map as reference. Your objective is one of the trailers in the middle of the compound. It’s the only one with a guard inside holding a pistol. Kill him, head inside, and you’ll find the document you need on a desk. Just walk up to it and you’ll grab it. When you kill enough of them, the rest will surrender. Run under it to end the mission. This one is a bit long, so let’s get started. You arrive via chopper.

Jump off when chopper stops. I usually kill the patrols around that small “village” with sniper fire, then I move up to the 2 pickups and take out the guards. Then start moving up the mountain NOT the road by looking for sections you can climb. You want to take out the guards as you find them as quietly as possible. Panicked guards run their routes really fast, making them hard to shoot. Save your ammo, use semi-auto fire only.

Slowly and surely work your way toward the next waypoint. You should see the main bunker complex and the three SAM launchers next to it on the map. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see the enemy as you walk over it. Watch for enemies both above on the hills and at the same level! Go into the bunker next to one of the ex-launchers, and you’ll find a ladder going down. Make sure you’re not too close to any hostiles. Climb down, and clear the tunnel section by section.

Your goal is the armory. There should be quite a few guards in the tunnels, but they are spread out in ones and twos. By this time, you should have killed enough hostiles so the rest have surrendered, but feel free to kill a few more.

Another goal accomplished. Goals: Locate and interrogate division commander, locate and seize any enemy intel documents, eliminate all enemy resistance, move to EXFIL. Jump off the chopper when it stops and start sniping all the guards you see.

The camp isn’t that well defended, but you will need to go around the area carefully as there’s quite a few guards, and some may not be that visible. There’s some in that old town either. As you see a bunker there, you know there’s an underground complex as well. There are two trucks patrolling the area. Feel free to destroy them with the fixed.

The commander is in one of the four tents along the back of the compound, should be the second or third one from the left. The intel documents are in the underground bunker.

Go in the entrance from the compound side. Kill guards as you see them. You should see a bunch of bunkbeds in the distance. Go that way, turn right, and the documents are on a desk to your right.

Look carefully and use sniper fire to kill the gunmen near the chopper why aren’t they shooting at each other? Watch for a shooter along the town’s edge. When it’s clear, run for the chopper for exfil. Goals: destroy any computer systems, demolish ND beacon, demolish VHF beacon, call in air strike on airfield surveillance radar dome or just destroy it.

This mission can be quite long. Don’t shoot anyone inside the perimeter unless they are in your way. Don’t shoot any one inside the tents. Climb up the hills and start sniping at the enemy with silenced weapons only. Detonate it when you are safe distance away. Detonate it after you move away.

Shoot each with about rounds and each should burst into flames. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to run to the south end’s hangar for the armory, rearm yourself with AT-4 or SLAM, and demolish the radar dome yourself. Then you’re done. Goals: locate and demolish any operational aircraft, eliminate all enemy resistance in the compound, move to rally point for EXFIL. Shooting the barrels near them can destroy two of the Sturmvoviks. AT-4 is preferred as it lets you stay further back.

Then shoot all enemies near you including the tower guards. Then start clearing the hangars one at a time. You’ll need some more explosives from the armory to finish the mission. Try to clear the ground level completely so your exfil will be uneventful. You don’t want a sniper to take you out just as you’re running to the exfil chopper.

When ready, blow the aircrafts sky-high, then go underground to kill more goons. Or reverse the order, it’s up to you. When all goals are complete, run for the exfil chopper. Shoot at enemies before they kill our friendly guy on the ground. Goals: Eliminate all enemy resistance, Protect Viper 33 Bravo Suggested weapons: instead of the requested sniper rifle, bring assault rifles or machine guns.

With single shots you will have a hard time taking people down from the chopper. Instead, use burst mode or auto mode and mow them down. NOTE: Sometimes you got “ejected” from helicopter and landed on a rooftop. Weird, heh? Then your mission gets really tough as you must run around and kill the tangos that are threatening your teammate. Save periodically or you’ll seriously regret it.

Crouch and look at the rooftops. Shoot tangos as you see them. You have to clear as many rooftops as you can as well as the tangos running around on the ground. You may have to lean a little out of the chopper.

Stand up, as crouched limits your visibility. Check both sides of the chopper for targets. Aim below the enemy and as the chopper moves you walk the fire onto the enemy. Zoom out until your scope’s distance is like or meters. This way you can see which way are the enemies hiding and you can point that way when ready.

Save every time you Viper 33 Bravo talk to you, as that’s a major milestone. When Viper 33 Bravo makes it to the compound, and you clear the roof of 2 tangos, your mission is complete! Clear the building you’re hovering over, grab the laptop, make it to the Embassy, and evacuate off top of the Embassy roof. Goals: eliminate enemy resistance at the hotel, seize any laptops in the hotel, eliminate all resistance at the embassy, move to embassy rooftop for extraction.

Suggested weapons: even though there’s really no surprise, silenced weapons are still preferred. When the chopper stops don’t fall out while it’s making the trip!

It’s really embarrassing if you land in the street and die from the fall! Look out to the street and shoot two visible tangos. Go prone and slide down the debris. Turn and kill two tangos, faster the better. Then clear room by room, level by level, until you cleared the entire building. Grab it. Now you need to make it out alive. Exit the building, and consult your commander’s map. You can either go through town by turning left at the exit, climb down, and go past the wall, or just turn right and run on the higher level and then drop down to the main level later.

The latter route is recommended, as there are a lot less enemies that way. So turn right at the exit of the hotel, and put a building between you and the rest of the town.

Keep going, peeking periodically to shoot any tangos foolish enough to show themselves. You should get a message about vehicles approaching. A technical armed pickup is patrolling the streets. Feel free to shoot it with full auto fire, but don’t let the guy standing in the back hit you. It’ll go boom and stop bothering you and the exfil chopper. Continue northeast on the map, then east. Keep plinking tangos in your way. Use Commander’s map liberally to spot enemies and flank them.

Shoot the two standing on the street in front of the embassy. Go as fast as possible to the embassy. Approach embassy carefully. One tango is hidden in the guardhouse next to the gate. Another is in the left corner, and one final tango is hidden behind the ladder!

Kill them all and the embassy is clear. We will incinerate the whole place with cruise missiles, but you’ll need to place a couple beacons first. Do NOT kill any civilians! Goals: eliminate enemy resistance, place beacons on three biohazard bunkers, move outside facility before air strike hits.

You start in the Zodiac. There are snipers long the banks and they’ll kill you if you don’t duck. You may shoot a couple of them. Stay in auto mode and try to walk the shots into them. Or just hide in the boat, as they’re unlikely to hit you if you duck. Once at the insertion point, sneak slowly to the LEFT side of the town. If you turn right at the first corner, you’ll come up behind a goon. Shoot him in the back of his head with your silence pistol. Stay in the trees, continue to watch for snipers.

Take your time and kill enemies that you can see, esp. If they look like they have a weapon, shoot them. You’ll eventually come up to the main entrance, after having killed all the tower guards.

Explore the perimeter carefully. Do the west side the side with the boxes and a few cargo containers outside. There’s one civilian in the corner of the base. He’s unarmed, with white beard and white turban, so don’t shoot him. Look for the gate in the corner, then go through another gate, and you’ll see the bunker to left. Place your beacon at the bunker. You may see a sniper next to the 3 gray warehouses. Kill him. You may spot patrols periodically outside the fence.

Kill them when you can, or just ignore them. You’ll come to the armory and next to it is the 2nd bunker. Grab more ammo if you want. Place your beacon. Watch for guards on top of the catwalks. However, don’t hit any civilians! After killing a few the camp itself should be empty of enemies. Yes, it sucks, but then, they’ll be dead by the missile strike any way. Now it’s time to run. You are the ‘tip of the spear’ for covert operations around the world — you are the first line of attack.

Nothing stands in your way. All Reviews:. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Is this game relevant to you? Sign In or Open in Steam. Languages :. Franchise: Delta Force. Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Add to Cart.

Package info. View Community Hub. About This Game As the US army’s elite special operations soldiers you are the most potent ‘smart weapon’ known to man. From the war torn streets of Somalia you have been re-deployed to take out targets in Colombia and Iran. As the US military’s preemptive strike force you must work with your team to get the job done. Take over the Kandahar Airport, raid rebel headquarters in Mazar-e-Sharif, ambush a convoy near the Pakistani border and demolish bunkers in the foothills of Kabul.

See all. View all. Click here to see them. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. The game is a separate supplement not requiring the original to another project in the Delta Force franchise, Desert Warrior. In addition to single-player buildings, there are cooperative missions and multiplayer battles between two teams, which are staffed by gamers from around the globe. On this page you can always download Delta Force: Task Force Dagger for free on pc via torrent or direct link.

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